In-Home Physical Therapy

Finally, Quality Physical Therapy in the convenience of your own home.

For years people have called my office desperate for a PT to come to their home to help them or a loved one for several reasons:
  • The quality of the people that had come to their homes was sub-par. They did next to nothing other than take vital signs (blood pressure). 
  • The visits were rushed, and the therapist was in a hurry to get to their next stop. ( Here’s why… the therapists are paid by the number of appointments they have. Doesn’t matter if they are there 10 minutes or 2 hours, they get paid the same.)
  • Insurance denied further sessions or didn’t approve them in the first place. 
  • Sessions were needed but they were referred to go to a clinic, but they don’t have transportation to a clinic, or they preferred to stay in their home.
  • We’ve even had conversations with MDs who have expressed disappointment in therapists for missing visits, not spending enough time per visit, poor quality of care, and lack of improvements in their patients.

The Good News

We’ve heard you and found the right therapists. Therapists who chose home health because they like spending more time and getting good results. We get our referrals based on results and patient satisfaction – not because we’re in an insurance network.

Our therapists personalize programs that take your current abilities and goals into consideration. Our therapists develop programs that are comprehensive and not rushed. They have a passion for helping the elderly and care about results over productivity.

You are more than a number, you are a person, and are someone that deserves guaranteed time with your therapist.

We have therapists that structure the length of sessions based on your goals.. What you need, what you want, and what you can handle.

If you’ve never considered In-Home PT before, and want to know why you should..

In-home PT allows our patients to maintain their personal freedom inside the comfort of their homes, while still getting high-quality treatment.

We help your loved ones stay in their home longer. Why is that important?

  • You can avoid the burden of traveling to another appointment.
  • Stay out of an assisted living facility that may limit contact with your loved ones. (Not to mention the extreme expense of these places)
  • Convenience.
  • A staff that knows you and your goals.
  • Freedom and independence at a time that most people are losing theirs.

What kind of programs do you offer? What health conditions do you treat?

Our therapists have vast experience treating balance disorders and have developed home safety and fall prevention programs. They treat joint pain, muscle weakness, deconditioning, lymphedema, hip replacements, knee replacements, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other orthopedic and neurologic disorders, as well as wounds.

We even utilize technology that many other practitioners don’t, including Cold Laser and PEMF devices.

We only employ the highest quality clinicians to treat you and your loved ones!

Form and Function Physical Therapy does not accept insurance

As a benefit, we will provide detailed documentation that you can provide to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement

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