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“People thought I was CRAZY to pay cash for physical therapy, but after my doctor saw how much better I was at my 1st follow up appointment. . .”

Read on to find out why choosing an in-network provider may be a costly regret if you are trying to get better quickly.

By Physical Therapist Trevor Field:

To the people still in pain, or not able to do what they want to because of an injury;  what I’m about to tell you will not make you happy. Not if you think going where your insurance pays, or your doctor referred you is going to solve your problems.

You see, there’s a HUGE misconception about “in-network” care (the cheap option). Cheap ALWAYS comes at a price, and eventually you will pay.

1) By Losing your ability to be seen right away. Waiting 4 to 6 weeks or even longer is not uncommon.

2) By not having input on how fast you get better. Many in-network PT departments offer 1 appointment every 2 weeks, or you share your appointment with 5 or more other patients.

3) By not having the choice over how SPECIALIZED your Physical Therapist is. At many hospital-based and large clinics settings, there’s a chance of being seen by a student still learning their trade and making mistakes.

4) There’s no guarantee – When using your health benefits, it is very difficult to hold anyone accountable. Which makes the quality of service questionable.

HOWEVER, when you choose Form and Function, I’ll personally guarantee results or you can ask for a refund. Plus, you’ll be able to decide how fast that happens, when it happens, and all of your medical details will remain confidential and private.

When you choose Form and Function, you are working with the fastest growing PT clinic in the Inland Empire. We have partnered with EM Speed and Power Training in Rancho Cucamonga with over 10 years in the industry. We have been the exclusive team physical therapy provider for the Ontario Fury professional indoor soccer club. We have worked with World Series participants, and a World Series Champion. Collegiate and NFL football players to Pop Warner and Pony baseball athletes, and everything in between.

I say this not to boast, but to give you peace of mind in knowing that we can help your problem.

The reason I bring this topic up is because I am becoming more concerned about the number of people I see getting inadequate or incorrect treatment, and am just as frustrated by General Practitioners (and other PTs) who do almost nothing to get to the “root cause” of their patient’s problem to correct it properly – leaving people half healed at best.

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