Assisted Stretch

Recover from injury faster and Reduce Chronic pain with Form and function physical therapy in rancho cucamonga

Let me guess… you aren’t stretching as often as you should, and even when you do, you might be wondering if you are doing it properly.

Stretching… We all know we need to do it, but let’s be honest, WE DON’T!

It might be because we don’t have the time, we don’t do it right, or we just don’t know where to start. Don’t let that stop you from having a healthy body that moves with ease and without pain.

At Form & Function Physical Therapy, we offer assisted stretching services that can alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain, aid in injury prevention, and increase flexibility.

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Who should get stretched?

Anyone can benefit from assisted stretching! It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete or just dealing with pain from sitting at a desk all day long. Assisted stretching can help reduce muscle tension and pain, as well as aid in injury prevention. It is also a good option for anyone that wants to gain flexibility.

What are the benefits of assisted stretch?

There are many benefits that come with assisted stretching. These include:


For active adults & athletes looking to take their performance to their optimum level and support their training.


For those looking to bulletproof their bodies and prevent imbalances.


To alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain in sore areas and joint pain as well as aid in injury and pain prevention.


Proper alignment and balance through stretching help improve overall posture and allows you to stand taller.


Stretching benefits both your physical well-being and your mental health as it allows the blood and oxygen to flow better, improving mental clarity.

As you can see whether you are an athlete or just looking to alleviate muscle tension or reduce pain, assisted stretching at Form & Function Physical Therapy is a great option!

What should i expect from an assisted stretch session? 

Your Stretch Coach will greet you and discuss your current flexibility level, and any injuries that you may have, and work with you throughout your session. Your stretch won’t be painful, and your stretch coach will communicate with you throughout your stretch to gauge your comfort level.

So, are you ready to get started or want to see if assisted stretching is right for you? Reach out to us today!

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