Virtual Physical Therapy

Ready to schedule a Virtual Physical Therapy appointment?

Ever want the access to an expert in sports injuries, pain, or wellness right from your home? Now you can have it through video chat.

With the use of Zoom or Doxy, you can book a session with one of our expert Physical Therapists. Be assessed from the comfort of your home, and get a personalized program to address your specific needs.

Getting tips and advice online can be helpful to many people, but why not get advice tailored to YOU?

Through the use of video, we can assess your movement and identify areas of weakness or imbalance AND teach you the corrective actions you can easily perform at home without the use of expensive equipment.

By the end of the hour, over 80% our clients feel a difference from where they started.

Don’t let distance be an excuse for your pain. Use technology to bring an expert to your living room or home office.

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