Sports Massage

If you’re looking for sports massage in the inland empire, look no further. Form and Function offers sports massage in Rancho Cucamonga. We work with youth athletes to Olympians, as well as working professionals, and weekend warriors.

Sports massages are tailored to each individual. Every athlete is different, and each sport, or activity places different stresses on various muscle groups, and this tailored approach will focus on the commonly stressed muscle groups and their function.

What should I expect from a sports massage?

  • Increased range of motion – Massage loosens muscle by breaking adhesions and scar tissue that develop with intense training, improving total range of motion in an athlete, which makes them able to move better and enhance performance.
  • Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients – The faster the body gets oxygen and nutrients, the quicker and more efficient the recovery will be. It also helps with removal of cellular waste/products of inflammation.
  • Relaxation of muscles and reduced pain – This is what everyone knows massage for. It relaxes tense and fatigued muscles from competition, which relieves pain and tension.
  • Shortened Recovery Time – These combined benefits helps the athlete to recover quicker and get back on the field sooner.

You should schedule a sports massage:

  • When recovering from an injury.
  • When peaking for a competition.
  • When recovering from a competition.

Let your massage therapist know your goals, so they can customize a plan for you.

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