Foot Orthotics

Form and Function is now offering a breakthrough Footwear Device For People Who Want To Protect Their Joints From PAIN, Swelling And Stiffness…

If you’re looking to find out more about one of the best kept “secrets” in injury prevention, that will mean you can STAY IN THE GAME and work and play with less pain, then this could be one of the most important messages you will ever read.

Form and Function is now offering the most accurate and comfortable Prefabricated Foot Orthotics anywhere in the West Coast.

Introducing the Quadrastep System and Little Steps

More good news… from now on, you DON’T have to keep changing your footwear to find a solution to ease joint pain, you can FORGET always having to try some other new stretches to ease muscle tension and there will be no more need to take any painkillers to try and mask the next day aches and pains that so often come as a result of exercising or being active.

Little Steps Orthotics

And with the Little Steps orthotics, you can support the developing foot from the toddler years to reduce growing pains in the adolescent years. Even reduce in-toeing or pigeon-toed gait from a young age.

Orthotics make it EASY to protect yourself from the pounding that your muscles and joints take every time you step outside with joints unprotected; when you wear inappropriate footwear that was NEVER designed with your joints and future health in mind.

Wearing the wrong type of footwear can be DANGEROUS… and in my experience is one of the chief causes of unwanted knee, hip and lower back pain.

But it doesn’t have to be that way… It’s often as easy as having your feet and all of the joints in your body put back into the right position automatically, by changing what you wear inside ANY shoes, so that you can go about your day, carry on with your work or sport activity, exercise or leisure activities…all WITHOUT the fear of something like daily, annoying and chronic joint pain or muscle tension FORCING you to STOP.

Imagine How NICE It Would Be If You Had Less Pain During Activity OR Even When You Wake Up The Next Day!

Most shoes offer little or NO support to your joints when you’re on your feet all day long.

So How Do Foot Orthotics Help?…

Adding Foot Orthotics to your shoes and wearing them everyday is like propping up your body and giving it some much needed support that is going to let you keep active for longer than anyone else and do it with much less pain.

Tip: If your feet are in the wrong position, then so too are ankle, knee, hip and lower back joints… and if left long enough, neck and shoulder joints are affected too and is often the reason why many people end up with an unhealthy posture.

A small investment can stop “Wear And Tear” on your greatest investment… YOUR BODY!

Prescription Orthotics are NOT cheap. What orthotic laboratories and podiatrists are charging has risen to over $350-$450 per pair. What’s worse is that insurances are seldom covering a very necessary medical device.


But most Quadrastep orthotics are less than half the cost of custom, and often just as good or better in some cases. They are affordable with 6 prefabricated foot orthoses biomechanically tailored to each foot type.

  • An easy to do 4 step assessment will identify which one of the 6 specific foot types you have. You don’t even have to be seen in clinic to be foot-typed!

TIP: The more we know about you the more we can help. Submit pictures of your bare feet while standing. Take pictures from the front and back, and a picture of the bottom of your feet highlighting areas where you commonly get callouses. Include the specific problem you want to correct or prevent, as well as your shoe size, and we can prescribe an orthotic and have it shipped to you!!

  • No casting/impressions/scans required, immediate results!

And besides, most people are actually able to SAVE money as a result of wearing Orthotics in their shoes anytime they step out.

Why You Will Save Money By Wearing Orthotics

You’re MORE likely to stay OUT of a Doctor, Chiropractic or Podiatrist office meaning less BILLS. Not to mention prescriptions for painkillers.

And if you’ve ever gone and bought “One type fits all” inserts from a local Pharmacy or shoe store, you’ll know that they rarely work like you hoped, and they certainly don’t last and the cost of replacing them, soon mounts up.

So Here’s Who WILL Benefit From Wearing Prescription Foot Orthotics

You… if you can say “YES” to any of these:

  • You are an athlete that sprints, jumps, pivots, changes direction aggressively
  • You like to walk whenever you can, love to keep active and or exercising and feeling healthy is an important part of your life that you don’t want to risk losing
  • You LOVE to run and know that ANY running shoes that contain a perfect fitting orthotic WILL save you lots of unwanted muscles and joint problems meaning you can run further for longer
  • You like to play golf… but always struggle to get round the course without back pain or knee or Achilles type aches and pains and you know that something has to be done soon BEFORE you have to stop completely
  • You wake up each morning after you’ve been active or following exercise suffering with knee, hip, ankle or back pain and STIFFNESS
  • You’ve been forced to go and see a Doctor, PT or Chiropractor in the past for ankle, knee or lower back pain OR you’re a victim of constant neck and shoulder pain
  • Your doctor has mentioned “orthotics” (even “inserts”) to you in the past and you know it’s what you needed to do, but you didn’t act upon it then and now you really wish you had…
  • You have a history of Osteoarthritis in your family, and want to protect your joints AND your future lifestyle from it as quickly and easily as possible
  • You’ve been “fitted” for custom orthotics or cheap inserts in the past but were disappointed with the results and felt you NEVER quite got the benefit you were hoping for
  • You’re regularly in and out of PT or Chiropractor clinics and know that something like this would cut down on those costs AND make a huge difference to your health at the same time
  • You secretly know that the shoes you’ve chosen to wear over the last few years weren’t the most healthy option and your feet, knee and lower back joints are now beginning to pay the price

Plus, You Get A Better Chance At Avoiding All Of These Nasty Little Health Complications

Avoiding or limiting any of these health issues is proven to happen as a result of wearing orthotics, too:

  • Less heel or arch pain – Your doctor may have told you that you have ‘plantar fasciitis’? If not, and you’re suffering from a daily, severely sharp, stabbing type pain underneath your heal that makes you “shudder” every time you plant your foot, then that’s the best way to recognize it (Hint: orthotics + physical therapy has been proven to help this fast…)
  • Less Chance of suffering from “Bunions” – A very common problem for ladies aged 45+. Often caused by years of wearing the wrong footwear and more common in ladies than men. Pain, redness and a ‘big hard lump’ on the inside of your foot and just before your big toe, is a classic sign of a problem with a bunion that needs help fast and before surgery is required
  • Less chance of being left with “Flatfeet” (as a child or adult) – Being termed “flatfooted” means that the arches of your feet have dropped. Take a look down at your feet, and if the entire base of your foot is in contact with the floor…then you need orthotics. Take a look at the position of your ankle too and note how much stress it’s under as it rolls in. My bet is that it even looks painful – “Ouch”! (Hint: Really common in kids and the reason many people suffer things like knee and hip pain, much earlier than they were expecting…)
  • Limit Corns And Callus – If you’ve ever suffered with hard or dead skin anywhere on your feet, it’s a sure sign that you’re feet are taking more of a pounding that they should be, because they are in the WRONG position and orthotics will help stop it
  • Avoid problems from a “Morton’s Neuroma” – Foot Orthotics should be your FIRST line of defense against this painful condition (Hint: if you’re forever having to remove your footwear and find yourself needing to apply pressure to the sole of your foot…then you must seriously consider foot orthotics)

Limit the damage to feet caused by Diabetes – If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you won’t need me to tell you of the importance of wearing proper fitting footwear. Orthotics have been PROVEN to postpone and prevent serious diabetic foot complications.

Talk to a physical therapist to get your questions about whether orthotics may help your situation, schedule a foot-typing, or inquire about current pricing for orthotics. 

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