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Why Should You Trust Us for Physical Therapy near me in Fontana CA?

ImPACTAt Form & Function Physical Therapy we assist active individuals and athletes in recovering from injuries and returning to their favorite activities. We are here to assist you with Physical Therapy near me in Fontana CA, whether you are a professional athlete recuperating from an accident or an active adult wanting to return to work, hobbies, or the gym pain-free.

We realize that the last thing you want to hear is that you’ll be out for weeks or months as you recover from an accident or lingering discomfort. This is true whether you are a professional athlete or simply enjoy sports for fun. We understand, and at Form & Function Physical Therapy, we will do all in our ability to help you recover quickly from an accident and return to the lifestyle you choose. Call us now at (888) 619-2885 to set up an appointment.

Common Reasons Neck and Shoulder Pain Lasts Longer Than it Should

Many people live with neck and shoulder pain much longer than they should. You assumed it would go away on its own, but it didn’t. You went to the doctor, who instructed you to rest and take painkillers, but the drugs didn’t help, and the Neck and Shoulder Pain returned as soon as they wore off. You just accepted it since a family member or acquaintance informed you that everyone experiences neck and shoulder discomfort as they get older.

In the past, you sought assistance from other healthcare professionals or a Physical Therapist, but nothing they said or did appeared to help. You’ve tried heat pads and TENS machines, but they’ve done little to alleviate the agony. Because your Neck or Shoulder discomfort was so terrible, you felt it would be a good idea to relax, but it still annoys you on a regular basis. You opted to have a couple “massages” in the hopes of relieving the discomfort, but all they did was make you feel good and relaxed, not address the problem in the long run.

However, there is good news. Physical Therapy near me in Fontana CA from Form & Function Physical Therapy can help. With our many years of experience, we have helped many patients find the relief they have been looking for.

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Physical Therapy is a Solution to Sports Injuries of Many Types

If you’ve just experienced a sports injury, or if you’ve been dealing with one for some time, it’s easy to dismiss it as “nothing serious” and just “put up with it,” pushing through as best you can. It’s easy to become “stuck,” wondering if you’ll ever be able to return to playing sports or being active and feeling like you did before.

If this is occurring to you, know that you are not alone; we see it all the time. At fact, no matter what time of year it is, we encounter clients who need Physical Therapy near me in Fontana CA who have sustained an injury from sports or activity.

I’ve spent over 15 years treating athletes at all levels from almost every sport, so I’ve seen and treated every sort of sports injury imaginable—and I know how to help individuals recover from them. It’s not unusual for us to begin therapy on the same day. That is the polar opposite of how most individuals are handled following a sports injury, which is why so many people who have had a sports injury are glad to have started Physical Therapy near me in Fontana CA with Form & Function Physical Therapy.

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