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ImPACTTrevor Field, PT, is the owner and main provider of Physical Therapy near me in Rialto CA at Form & Function Physical Therapy. He pioneered a new method to physical therapy that taps into the body’s inherent healing abilities. F.A.S.T. stands for Field Approach to Sports Therapy.

Traditional physical therapy, manual manipulation comparable to chiropractic care and acupressure, and cutting-edge therapies like the 830 Laser are all part of this dynamic approach. As a consequence, there is an immediate decrease in pain and inflammation, as well as better tissue repair. Would you like to learn more? Contact us at (888) 619-2885 to get started.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services for Physical Therapy near me in Rialto CA

When you choose to work with us, you will have a range of services to choose from, including various types of Physical Therapy near me in Rialto CA. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Cold Laser Programs
  • Concussion Programs
  • In-Clinic Consultation
  • Phone Consultation
  • Physical Therapy Programs
  • Sports Massage
  • Virtual Physical Therapy

The only thing standing between you and the solution to your issues is a call to Form & Function Physical Therapy at (888) 619-2885.

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Learn How We Can Help You Reduce the Chance of Experiencing a Knee Injury

Believe it or not, Physical Therapy near me in Rialto CA can actually help determine your risk of experiencing a knee injury and develop steps to prevent it from happening. We do this by testing during dynamic motions, how successfully you engage your muscles, muscle strength in the core and hips, which govern the whole lower body, and more. Each test is given a score, and the overall score is used to determine if you have a low, moderate, or high risk of knee damage. The test indicates which of your factors are the most critical, and where we should focus our time and effort in order to address them.

We’ll tailor a program for you depending on your sport or activity after we’ve identified your risk factors. Whether you’re in-season or off-season, whatever your objectives or availability, we can design a program to guarantee you’ve done all possible to reduce the chance of incurring a knee injury. Call Form & Function Physical Therapy now at (888) 619-2885 to begin.

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