San Bernardino CA

San Bernardino CA is a city in the state of California, located east of the metropolis of Los Angeles. In San Bernardino CA, California State University, San Bernardino’s Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art has a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts that are on exhibit. Seccombe Lake Park, located in the heart of the city, provides playgrounds and fishing opportunities. To the north, there lies Silverwood Lake, which is surrounded by mountains. The resort hamlet of Big Bear Lake, located in the San Bernardino National Forest northeast of the city, is a popular destination for visitors. At Form & Function Physical Therapy assist active individuals in recovering from injuries and resuming their favorite activities. Whether you are a professional athlete recuperating from an accident or an active adult seeking to return to work, hobbies, or the gym without experiencing pain, we are here to assist you. As we all know, the last thing you want to hear is that an injury or persistent discomfort is going to keep you out of the game for several weeks or even months as it heals. This is true regardless of whether you participate in sports for a living or simply for leisure. Learn how we can help with physical therapy and much more in San Bernardino CA.


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