Cost and Availability

How much is an appointment?!

We customize programs to fit the physical AND financial needs of our clients, so the best place to start is a call with one of our therapists. This way, we can listen to what your specific concerns are, then properly direct you to the services or appointment type that would meet your exact needs.

OR… simply fill out the “Get In Touch” form on this page to let us know what you need.

We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions, as well as a la carte services depending on the needs and wants of our clients. So you will have a say in controlling the cost of your care, and how much time and attention you get. You can rest assured, it won’t be attention from students just learning the trade, or on the job trained “aides” or volunteers like many other offices provide.

We offer sessions:

Monday 9am–1pm, and 3pm–8pm
Tuesday 9am–1pm, and 3pm–8pm
Wednesday 2pm–7pm
Thursday 9am–1pm, and 3pm–8pm
Friday 9am–1pm

We offer treatment program packages and payment options to fit every budget, because we never want cost to be a reason you don’t get the care you need.

For your convenience, we provide you with all of the necessary forms with codes to apply our fees to your insurance. **

If you have questions or want to speak to a Physical Therapist before booking an appointment, click to reserve a time below.

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To learn more about who each of these types of consultations are for, and reserve your appointment, click the button below.

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**There is no guarantee your insurance will pay for your sessions… OR that you’ll get a straight answer if you speak to the insurance about your coverage. Which is why we prefer to operate in this manner.

Yes. Some clients do get reimbursed a portion of the billed charge.

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