The new way for physical therapists and other health professionals to prescribe exercises in as little as 20 seconds with My Therex! This application is designed for any health professionals who regularly prescribe exercises to their patients.

With My Therex, film your patient as they are executing the exercise in front of you. That video is then encrypted and sent securely to the patient’s own app. Your patient, back in the comfort of their home, opens their app to have their bespoke program delivered to one singular location.

Your clients will have convenient access to their program on their mobile devices. Most importantly, your client also has access to a video of themself performing your recommended exercise perfectly.

Your patient’s perceived value of your services can be influenced by how professional you seem. Now you can increase your company’s perceived professionalism and image by displaying your clinic’s logo and colors within the app for your client to see. You want your clients to see your face when they open the app to see what you have in store for them.

No longer will you have to hope your clients remember what you asked them to do, or have written instructions, drawn stick figures, or faded copies of copies of programs from the 1980’s. Nor will you have to waste time browsing a never ending catalog of exercises that someone else recorded, using models performing exercises only one way, then having to modify reps, sets etc to personalize an exercise that just comes ‘close’ to what you want.

Why make the instructor in a pre-recorded video the expert in your patient’s eyes, when you can maintain and even enhance their experience and your authority with your clients by curating a completely personalized exercise routine with your patient listening to your voice instructing your client while they watch themselves performing that exercise with the recommended reps/set/ and little tips they need to do that exercise the exact way you want them to.

When you record and send exercises with your own device, you are limited by your device’s storage, then fumbling to attach your instructions to an email. And trying to send video from Apple to Android and vise versa… forget it. Not to mention the legal compliance concerns of having patient information and images stored on your personal device.

If you are sending emails each session, after multiple sessions, now your client has to look through multiple emails to try to compile all of their self care routines. This makes it less likely they can keep everything straight, and lowers patient compliance to their self care.

My Therex
My Therex

With My Therex, your client has one central location to access their program, and the client can organize their routine by the date of each visit. This can be done by the most recent to older exercises, or from first to most recent. 

Every practitioner has their own unique way of communicating with their patients, which makes it impossible to use anything on the market that “prefabs” a catalog of videos. Those that allow you to add your unique videos, is a nice touch, but it still lacks that last piece of the client observing themselves performing their routine. A model may move differently, and a prerecorded exercise limits your ability to progress or regress that exercise to meet the fitness level of the client.

Only My Therex can check each one of those boxes, and not impact the therapist’s time. Your time is precious, you don’t have a single minute to waste. With My Therex, you’ll be able to prescribe exercises in as little as 4 clicks. That’s 15 seconds of time, giving you more time with your client.( Something you probably never get, barring a cancelation) 

Who wants a bank of pre-determined exercises when you can have the freedom of creating as many as you want? Just point and shoot as you’re showing the exercise to your patient. Never again will you be limited by the tool you are using, or a lack of tools to get the job done.

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