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At Form & Function Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you unlock the natural healing potential of your own body, so that you can participate in sports at any level with less risk of pain and injury. The following self help tips will go a long way towards preventing the sort of serious injuries that could have you sidelined for weeks, months, or even permanently.

Warm Up

Always, ALWAYS warm up properly before participating in any kind of sport or strenuous exercise activity. Ideally, you want to begin with some light aerobic activity to work up a sweat. We can recommend appropriate warm up exercises for your particular needs.

Vary Your Routine

Beware of training programs that have you doing the same exercises every day for months at a time. You could be putting yourself at risk for overuse injuries, or you could be unknowingly creating imbalances that could also lead to injury.

Cool Down

After playing sports or exercising, it is important to allow yourself a cool down period rather than just sitting down or hitting the showers immediately. We can show you the kinds of stretches that will be most effective in cooling down your muscles after various sports activities.


The body does its best natural healing while you’re asleep. Therefore getting proper rest is essential for staying in good physical condition and performing at your highest level.

Find Lasting Relief

Avoid relying on anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications for any prolonged amount of time. Rather than using medication to treat the symptom, you should be using physical therapy in Rancho Cucamonga CA to treat the root cause if you want to experience lasting relief.

Always Get Professional Care

Do not take advice about whether or not it is safe to play while injured from anyone except a trained physical therapist who is an expert in sports injury management.

Questions About What Else You Can Do?

If you have questions about what other steps you can take to prevent injury and enhance performance, please contact us today.

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