Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA

We Have the Background and Forward Thinking Required to Provide Optimal Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA

ImPACTIn a 30,000-square-foot athletic training facility, Form & Function Physical Therapy specializes in helping people achieve their objectives, whether it’s recovering from a sports injury or surgery, staying active and pain-free, improving balance, or recovering from a concussion through Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA.

We want you to leave every session feeling very confident and clear about your plan – we’re nothing like some other practitioners who treat you on a visit-by-visit basis because they don’t understand your problem well enough to give an accurate prognosis or because they want to keep you on the schedule indefinitely. When you leave each session with us, you’ll know exactly where we’re going and what needs to be done next to achieve your objectives. Call us now at (888) 619-2885 to learn more.

The Discovery Visit Might Be Your Perfect Introduction to Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA

The Discovery Visit is designed for those who are hesitant or even suspicious about Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA. They have no idea what a physical therapist performs or how they may assist them. This meeting allows guests to look inside the area where they will be working and meet the people with whom they will be working. We take the time during this appointment to allow you to describe your issue to the physical therapist and obtain professional opinion on what’s going on, what needs to be done, and whether they’ve seen instances similar to yours previously.

Talk to a Physical Therapist

Those who select this appointment must develop confidence that this is the proper location and that the individuals who will assist them are trustworthy. This is used as a stepping stone to deciding whether to proceed with a Gold or Platinum consultation, during which we may completely examine and begin therapy. Call Form & Function Physical Therapy now at (888) 619-2885 to learn more.

Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA Helps You Do More Than Recover – It Helps You Improve

We strive to assist each patient realize their maximum potential at Form & Function Physical Therapy. This includes not only treating pain and assisting in the healing of injuries, but also assisting in the improvement of strength, flexibility, and musculoskeletal coordination so that pain and injuries do not return. Choose us for Physical Therapy near me in Corona CA if you want to not only recover from your ailment, but also develop and excel in your mobility and agility. Calling Form & Function Physical Therapy at (888) 619-2885 to get started.

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