Benefits Of Sports Massage


Massages are something everyone knows about but too few people get. Fewer still understand what a massage can do for you.  More research about massage in athletics has been done and has been found to be very beneficial to athletes.  It is something that many athletes are beginning to incorporate into their regular training regimens.  The massage that many of these athletes are choosing to do is the sports massage.

Each individual massage is designed for that athlete and the sport that they play.  As we all know, every athlete is different and each sport places varying degrees of stress to different muscles groups.  All the different muscle groups must work together in order for the athlete to perform the movements needed in their sport.  The sport massage focuses on the commonly stressed muscle groups and their function.  Depending on the muscle group that is being worked on will help decide how the therapist varies their technique.

Everyone always sees the massage as a way to relax, but the sports massage can also be used to increase performance and reduce recovery time.  The benefits of the sports massage include:

 Increase in Range of Motion- Massage loosens muscles by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue that develop with intense training, thereby increasing the total range of motion in an athlete which makes them be able to move better and enhance performance.

 Increased Delivery of Oxygen and Nutrients- The faster the body gets oxygen and nutrients the quicker and more efficient the recovery will be. It also helps with removal of cellular waste products and inflammation. 

 Relaxation of Muscles and Reduced Pain- This is what everyone knows a massage for, but yes a sports massage does relax also.  It relaxes tense and fatigued muscles from competition which relieves pain and tension.

 Shortened Recovery Time- These combined benefits helps the athlete to recover quicker and get back on the field sooner.

If you have never given massage a try, now is the time. Form and Function has sports massage therapists available in Rancho Cucamonga for all of your athletic needs.

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