Virtual Sessions- Can they really help?

Many people are beginning to hear about medical providers offering “virtual sessions” to their clients. We’ve offered versions of this service for several years now. We have many clients that are collegiate, and professional athletes, and come during their off-season to visit us in person, but still want to access to the people they know, like, and trust to care for them when they are away at school, or during their season. This is a simple way to have a provider be able to interact, test, and prescribe the right course of care for you without the burden of having to travel to see them.

During this new era of virtual sessions, it can be as simple as clicking the web link to one of our providers like this: and going straight to our “waiting room”. And this is what you’ll see… A welcome page where you announce your name, and click “Check In”.  See Photo –>

Then, we get to work from the comfort of your home or office addressing a chronic shoulder injury, or lower back pain and stiffness, neck pain, or ankle or foot issues. You’d be AMAZED at the types of issues we’ve addressed, without ever being in the same room!

Here’s a little snippet of a session we did with our client “Gus”. Click on the picture BELOW and check out the video of us improving his movement in his shoulder in a few minutes!

Since March of 2020, the world changed a bit with the global pandemic of Covid-19. Before that date, few of us had ever really know the term “social distancing”. Now it has kicked off a new age of tech healthcare, and is becoming more acceptable day by day.

If you want to try a “virtual PT session” to see of it’s right for you, simply inquire at our contact page, or give us a call at 888.619.2885.

Trevor Field is a physical therapist and owner of Form and Function Physical Therapy in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He specializes in treatment of adolescent athletes. He has developed programs for throwing injuries, ACL injury prevention, and sports performance enhancement, as well as back and neck injury. To learn more, go to



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