August 2022 Newsletter

 August 2022 Newsletter

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August 2022 NewsletterAugust 2022 Newsletter

A newsletter to our entire Form and Function Family to keep you updated on all the happenings in the clinic and to share helpful, entertaining information about your health and wellness. Find helpful tips and tricks on staying active and staying in the game, the game of life that is! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Stay In The Game. July is here and this is a newsletter that you don’t want to pass up. In this issue of The Stay In The Game Newsletter we share 9 tips on how to prevent pitching injuries and explain the key differences between muscle and ligament damage.

In this article we answer the question many patients have asked in silence to themselves but never aloud….“Why am I not getting better even with physical therapy?”  and maybe you’ve given up on PT because you haven’t seen results. If that’s you and you are still in pain or just not living the active lifestyle like you want to, this article is for you. 

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