Knee Pain: I Thought Exercise Was Supposed To Help!

When knee pain comes on, the “knee-jerk” reaction is to suppress it. The typical go-to for the first round of the fight is typically ice, and/or anti-inflammatories. Some people can reduce their pain far enough to think that’s good enough… for a while. But eventually, when things get worse, it seems like the next logical solution is to start strengthening your muscles -you know- give the knee some support.

Good thought, but if you go to the gym or try a few really highly viewed YouTube videos at home, you probably found out that it made the pain worse! So now you are stuck. Do I just work through the pain? Keep stretching? Accept it as a part of aging or that it is a consequence of having been an athlete?

Well here’s what’s happening in actuality. Indeed, exercise is a critical piece of the puzzle, but no 2 knee pains are the same. That means it’s going to require some assessment and prescription of the right exercises. You see, to prescribe without assessment is malpractice! That’s the reason for the lack of success in trying exercises on your own.

So what’s the alternative?

We see these cases in our clinic all the time! In fact, it’s a specialty of ours. So much so that we offer knee pain workshops to educate groups of people with knee pain about what to do for it. OR, if you’re ready to get going right now just contact us at 888.619.2885, or inquire at our general email:

Even better, we don’t even have to do it in person. We offer tele-health services for you to get what you need from the comfort of your home or office. If you want to learn more about a “virtual” session click HERE.

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