What is F.A.S.T.?

FASTThe Field Approach to Sports Therapy or F.A.S.T. is an integrated method to treat injured athletes from adolescents to adults, to masters. It was developed by Trevor Field, a physical therapist, over a 10 year span using methods of traditional physical therapy, manual manipulation of joints and tissue akin to chiropractic and accupressure, as well as revolutionary treatments modalities like Cold Laser that immediately reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes tissue healing.

We understand athletes never want to be told, “just rest it for 2 weeks, and then we’ll see.” That’s why we believe in an active recovery model of healing, and very specific tests are performed to determine if you can safely play through the pain, or if you truly are putting yourself at risk for further injury by playing.

The F.A.S.T. approach works whether an injury is an hour old, or has lingered for years. It was designed to create an environment in the body that will allow the body to heal at its’ optimum potential. So if you, or someone you know is an athlete with pain or injury, just remember you want to return to sports F.A.S.T.

Trevor Field is a physical therapist in the Inland Empire of Southern California, specializing in treatment of adolescent athletes, and has developed programs for ACL injury prevention, sports performance enhancement, and fibromyalgia. To learn more, go to www.FormFunctionPT.com

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