Quality Physical Therapy Right At Your Doorstep

Physical therapy is essential for many, yet not everyone gets the quality or convenience they desire. That’s where Form & Function PT steps in, offering unparalleled services right where you need it most – your home. That’s right! Gone are the days of being required to come into the office to receive the services you need.

Get Care Where You Want It Most – At Home

Physical therapy from the comfort of one’s abode has been long sought-after due to convenience and the ability to stay out of an assisted living facility. However, there have been roadblocks, including:

  • Past in-home sessions barely scratched the surface, with therapists merely checking vital statistics.
  • Hasty appointments leaving you feeling neglected because the therapists’ pay scale depended on the number of sessions, not the duration.
  • Instances of insurance rejections and transportation challenges added to the dismay.
  • Poor quality of care or therapists missing visits

After acknowledging the recurring concerns, Form & Function Physical Therapy has taken steps to redefine in-home PT. With referrals based not on insurance networks but genuine patient satisfaction, we’ve onboarded therapists who invest quality time with patients working towards achieving meaningful results.

You Deserve Personalized Care

At Form & Function PT, you’re not just a statistic. We view you as an individual with specific needs and aspirations. Our therapists design extensive sessions, not rushed or templated ones. They also prioritize your requirements, aspirations, and the limits you’re comfortable pushing.

For those pondering over whether or not at-home sessions with Form & Function PT are right for them, consider the benefits:

  • Not juggling another outside appointment
  • Avoiding restrictive assisted living centers that come with a hefty price tag
  • Convenience and personalized service tailored to your exact needs
  • Retain your freedom, autonomy, and usual routine

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should contact Form & Function PT for in-home physical therapy services.

Expertise & Innovation: Form & Function PT is the Place to Call

Choosing the right physical therapy can make all the difference. At Form & Function PT, we believe in the balance of quality and convenience.

Our experienced therapists have crafted programs focusing on:

  • Fall prevention and home safety
  • Treatment of joint pain, muscle inadequacies, and more
  • Rehabilitation post-surgery such as hip and knee replacements
  • Assistance with neurologic disorders
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology

It’s about time you experienced therapy that’s both efficient and considerate. Got questions? Connect with Form & Function PT at 516-243-9100 to see if our in-home physical therapy are right for you!

To learn more about the reliable and quality physical therapy services that we offer, visit us on the web.

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